10 ‘musts’ in Nice, France

With its year-round sunshine, vibrant streets, and stunning views, Nice will exceed your expectations. This coastal city is located in the south of France in the French Riviera, a location you won’t struggle to find reasons to visit. After wandering the streets and taking in the views, it was apparent that this city is the perfect place for everyone; solo travellers, newlyweds, retirees, families. There is … Continue reading 10 ‘musts’ in Nice, France

A Guide to Picking Your Next European City Adventure

When choosing a new city to explore, it’s important to keep in mind what you want out of the city. Are you looking for sites to see? The most instagrammable spots? Best food options? Once you decide what your motive is, then you can start to narrow down your search. With so many lovely European cities to pick from, we decided to focus on a … Continue reading A Guide to Picking Your Next European City Adventure

Our top 10 favourite hiking spots in Ontario

When we aren’t travelling around the world, we are exploring our own backyard. Together, over the years we have come across some beautiful spots throughout Ontario. Here is a list of our top 10 hiking spots, in no particular order, that we think you should know about. Whether you are an avid hiker or just want a good view, these trails are good for all … Continue reading Our top 10 favourite hiking spots in Ontario

Travel Bucket List

We have an insane amount of places that we want to visit, known as our travel bucket list, that we are slowly crossing off! This list consists of activities, cities, countries, foods, etc. The list: Drive through Australia Madeira, Portugal Camper van adventure all over Iceland Learn to surf (done in Tamarino, Costa Rica… sadly no pictures to document) See a Kiwi (the bird) in … Continue reading Travel Bucket List

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us! We are a travelling couple who decided to take our two separate passions for travel and squish them together like a delicious sandwich (Peanut butter and banana no doubt)! Our travels started last December but it’s taken us a bit of time to create something! So we started because why not tell people about our amazing adventures! Who knows… maybe we … Continue reading The Journey Begins