Travel Bucket List

We have an insane amount of places that we want to visit, known as our travel bucket list, that we are slowly crossing off! This list consists of activities, cities, countries, foods, etc.

The list:

  • Drive through Australia
  • Madeira, Portugal
  • Camper van adventure all over Iceland
  • Learn to surf (done in Tamarino, Costa Rica… sadly no pictures to document)
  • See a Kiwi (the bird) in New Zealand
  • Swiss Alps, Switzerland
  • Arches National Park, Utah
  • Waffles in Brussels (Both of us at separate times)
  • Hike to Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (salt fields)
  • Hike a volcano (Together we hiked Acatenago, Guatemala)
  • Drive through Monument Valley, Utah
  • New York City, New York (Shelby solo, Brian to join the next time)
  • Eat Paella in Spain
  • Find an elephant in the wild
  • Hike through Torres del Paine National Park
  • See the Northern Lights in the Arctic circle
  • Over-water Bungalow anywhere!
  • Drive the island of Maui, Hawaii
  • Craft Beer city capital of the USA, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Camping in Sweden
  • Swim with sharks
  • See penguins in Antarctica
  • Atacama Desert, Chile
  • Scotland Highlands
  • Travel throughout Croatia
IMG_0627Half way hike up Maderas Volcano to the waterfall on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.

If you want to help us cross items off of our travel bucket list or give us ideas of what else we should do, feel free to contact us!


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